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2017 Chinese Summer Camp for U.S. High School Students


The program will be held in China from June 4 to June 18, 2017. Students from high schools across the state of Utah are welcome to apply. There are currently 20 positions available for students to attend the Chinese Bridge Summer Camp this year.

2017年度由犹他大学孔子学院所组织的“汉语桥-美国高中生夏令营“,本团预计于2017年6月4日星期日出发,至6月18日星期日返回盐湖城。今年对犹他地区所有高中生开放20个名额,由于名额有 限, 我们将优先录取及早报名的学生。


  1. Program Introduction 活动介绍
  2. Itinerary in China (Beijing Time) 活动日程(北京时间)
  3. Program Fee 活动费用
  4. Student Applicant Criteria 学生申请资格
  5. Application and Selection 报名及选拨办法

  1. Program Introduction  活动介绍 

The Chinese Bridge Summer Camp for U.S. High School Students is an annual Chinese language and cultural program sponsored by Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) with the cooperation of the Confucius Institutes in U.S.. The program aims at enhancing Sino-U.S. youth exchanges, deepening high school students’ understanding of and personal experience with Chinese language and culture.

“汉语桥—美国高中生夏令营”是由孔子学院总部与美国孔子学院/课堂合作,每年暑期举办,是特别为在美国学习中文的高中生所举办的中国语言文化体验项目。 该项目旨在增进中美青少年学生交流,并进一步加深美国高中生对中国语言文化的了解。


  1. Itinerary in China (Beijing Time)  活动日程(北京时间)

**Itinerary is subject to change

itinerary for trip

  1. Program Fee  活动费用

Han Ban will be responsible for costs in China including food, accommodation, transportation, Chinese language and culture classes, and group activities. Any incidental medical expenses will be students’ responsibility. The Confucius Institute will work with a travel agency to get a group rate for the international flight. Students will be responsible for their own international airfare, international travel insurance, any relevant passport fees, visa application fees, and a few optional cultural sightseeing activities in Chengdu city. Students will each have to pay approximately $2400 in total for the trip.



4. Student Application Criteria 学生申请资格

1) American citizen (has U.S. passport);
 (2) High school students; Age between 15 and 18; grades from 9 to 12, 2nd year level of Chinese or higher;  (3) Non-heritage learner (did not grow up speaking Chinese) ;
 (4) Have great interests in Chinese language and culture; (5) Healthy enough for international travel;
 (6) Willing to participate in all summer camp activities and comply with requirements.; (7) Good recommendation from Chinese language teacher. (8) Has not previously attended any summer camps sponsored by the Confucius Institute headquarters, Hanban, within past three years.


  1. 持美国护照;
  2. 9-12年级, 15-18岁高中生,到出发前为止至少学过两年中文(包括暑期即将高中毕业的12年级学生或暑期后升入9年级的8年级学生);
  3. 母语非汉语
  4. 对中国语言文化感兴趣;
  5. 身体健康,适合国际旅行;
  6. 愿意参加夏令营的所有活动,并遵守活动规定;
  7. 中文老师的推荐信;
  8. 过去三年内从未曾参加过汉办所举办的夏令营。
  1. Application and Selection  报名及选拨办法

1) Students should submit the 2017 Chinese Bridge Application with a letter of intent written in English outlining why they want to participate in the program, and submit a named Chinese teacher reference to the Confucius Institute by Friday, March 31, 2017.  For any questions about your application, you can reach our office assistant, Jonah Katz, at the email listed or at (801) 581-6220.

2) The Confucius Institute will administer the selection according to the submitted documents, and confirm qualified candidates. Students will be informed of their acceptance by Wednesday, April 5th, 2017.

3) Confucius Institute and applicants will sign a document of agreement and send the scanned copy of the agreement as well as a copy of the applicant’s passport to Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) before this group’s departure to China.

4) Total price for the trip is about $2400. Students have to pay the actual international airfare, pay the visa application fee, and turn in their passports to our travel agent by Friday, April 14. Students have to purchase international travel insurance on their own and send. a photocopy of the insurance policy to Confucius Institute at the University of Utah by Monday, May 15. Without travel insurance, you will not be allowed to participate in the tour. Students will need to bring cash to pay their own optional city sightseeing expenses including transportation & entrance tickets.

  1. 欲参加本次夏令营的学生必须在2017年3月31日星期五前,将网上申请表、英文申请信(说明为什么想参加此次夏令营)、中文老师推荐信一封,提交给犹他大学孔子学院助理孔约纳收,可以电邮(寄送或亲自送达 (215 S. Central Campus Drive #203, Salt Lake City, Utah 84112)。若有任何疑问,请与孔子学院助理孔约纳联络 ( 801-581-6220)。
  2. 孔子学院及将根据申请材料进行审核,并确定符合条件的候选人。孔子学院会于4月5日星期三以前通知被录取者。
  3. 入选学生及家长必须签署免责协议书和行为守则承诺书,并将以上材料连同护照首页的扫描件于出发前提交孔子学院总部/国家汉办保存。
  4. 总共费用约为$2400,学生家长必须于4月14日星期五前支付指定旅行社实际购买美中来回国际机票及申请中国签证费用,并于5月15日星期一前提交国际旅行平安保险证明给犹他大学孔子学院留存。没有国际旅行保险不能参加夏令营。学生需要自带少量现金支付成都市区自选参观项目的车费、食物或门票费。
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