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HSK (Chinese Standardized Test) & Confucius Institute Scholarships

HSK (Chinese Standardized Test/ 汉语水平考试)


2014年2月16日的HSK考试网上报名已开始,这是犹他孔子学院2014年举办的第一次HSK,如果有同学想申请2014年的奖学金,请务必参加这次HSK  考试,没有HSK成绩是不能申请奖学金的。本次  HSK考试的报名截止时间是2014年1月30日(北京时间)。




The HSK test registration steps are follows,

(1)         先打开有英文版)

 Click the  page : (Election English version)

(2)         点击网页上第一行New User(考生注册)

  Click“New User” Account Creating

    (3)在Account Creating 页面上一步一步填写有关信息(都是英文的)

     On“Account Creating ”page, fill in your information by the step-by-step


      Finish the information, click “Submit”

        (5)进入下一页,选考点(美国,犹他州,犹他大学孔子学院),考试时间(9月8日),考试级别(自学生要参加哪级     考试,比如二级,三级,四级,五级,六级等),选完所有的信息后点击Submit.

According to the system prompt, enter Next, Please selected test sites (United States, Utah, University of Utah Confucius Institute), examination time (April 20), the test level (which students want to take, such as two, three,four, five, six, etc.), have finished selecting all the information, click Submit.


 After registration, you can link to: ,Download HSK Handbook, Syllabuses and HSK Practice Test Exercises.

Confucius Institute Scholarship

* Any who is interested in applying for the Confucius Institute full-scholarships to study in China, must take the HSK. And the next HSK date will not be until late fall of this year.

The Confucius Institute offers scholarships for those who are interested in studying in China. Anyone is eligible to apply. You must take the HSK test in order to receive this scholarship. Applications can be downloaded here:

This is in Chinese, so if you need help with the application process, our staff can be of assistance. The CI scholarship is very generous, and will cover much of your costs to study in China!

Here is a translated version of the application procedures:

Again, contact Zhou Dan ( for more details and for the application.

If you are interested in studying at our Partner School Sichuan University, below is contact information:

International Office of Sichuan University

Overseas Students Office, International Office of Sichuan University

No. 24, South Section One, First Ring Road, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, P.R. China, 610065


Danwen Zhao(赵丹文)Tel:0086-28-85405773 Email:

Ping Li() Tel:0086-28-85405773 Email:

Yanmei Zhou(周艳梅) Tel:0086-28-85407199

Lirong Pang(庞丽蓉) Tel:0086-28-

Fax: 0086-28-85405773

The Chinese Government Scholarship Program

The Chinese Government offers generous scholarships of many various categories.

You can find more information by going to this website:

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