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Ph.D. Opportunity in China



2015年度博士招生工作已全面启动, 对于希望来华学习6个月至2年的国外大学在读博士生,可考虑申请“中外合作培养博士项目”;对于已获得硕士学位、有意来华攻读博士学位者,可考虑申请“来华攻读博士项目”。总部将为每名录取人选制定个性化的培养方案,并提供全额奖学金,资助来华开展课题研究、学习、生活及中外导师的学术指导费用等。


The 2015 CCSP Ph.D. Fellowships admission process has been launched recently.  The Sino-foreign Joint Research Ph.D. Fellowship is specifically for Ph.D. students in foreign universities who would like to study 6 months to 2 years in China, and Ph.D. in China Fellowship for master graduates to pursue doctoral degrees in China. The Headquarters will make a personalized development plan for every fellowship recipient, and offer him/her a full fellowship including tuition, living stipend, research grant and instructional grant for foreign and Chinese mentors, etc.




联系人:Steven Dale        邮件:

电话:+1.212.984.5346   传真:+1.212.984.5325


US-based applicants please contact the Institute of International Education (IIE) for online application at:

For online application assistance please contact the concerned officer in IIE:

Mr. Steven Dale   Email:

Tel:(+1) 212.984.5346 

Fax:(+1) 212.984.5325



联系人:胡亮宇/王昕生     邮件:;

电话:86-10-58595756     传真:86-10-58595762


For Ph.D. Fellowship inquires or other CCSP programs please contact the Division of Sinology and China Studies:

Contact: Mr. Hu Liangyu/ Mr. Wang Xinsheng

Tel: 86-10-58595756

Fax: 86-10-58595762


Last Updated: 10/4/17