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2017 Utah Children’s Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition


January 21 marked the opening of 5th Annual Utah Children’s Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition held at the Salt Lake City Main Library. The exhibition was organized by the Utah branch of the Chinese Association for Science and Technology (CAST), the Confucius Institute at the University of Utah (CIUU), and the City Library.

exhibition organizers group photo

organizers and speakers at the exhibition opening ceremony. included are Rep. Kwan, third from right, and city library assistant director patty steed at the left.  


Utah State Representative Karen Kwan gave an address at the exhibition’s opening ceremony. Representative Kwan told the audience she was pleased to see public Chinese cultural events, to be able to participate herself, and to be a member of the Chinese community in Utah.


City Library Assistant Director for Neighborhood Services Patty Steed was also present at the ceremony. Mrs. Steed spoke highly of the cooperation over the past few years to put on various Chinese cultural events between the City Library, CAST, CIUU, and other local Chinese community organizations. She also expressed her wish for further cooperation in future events at libraries throughout the city.


CIUU co-director Yangmin Xiao spoke to the audience on behalf of the Confucius Institute, emphasizing CIUU’s mission to bring Chinese cultural events and Chinese education to Utah, as well as serve as a resource to the greater community for funding and consultation on events related to Chinese culture. Mrs. Xiao also expressed gratitude to Utahns for welcoming CIUU into the local community and allowing the CI to contribute to Chinese cultural and language education in Utah.


CAST Utah President Jianwei Leng gave some remarks at the ceremony as well. Mr. Leng praised the City Library for its continuing cooperation with CAST in organizing Chinese cultural events and expressed hope that they will continue to put on events and serve the community in the future.


The final speaker at exhibition’s opening ceremony was East High School Chinese Club President Maeson Dewey, speaking for students participating in the exhibition. Ms. Dewey said she was very grateful to teachers for their guidance in helping students to submit works of art and calligraphy, reflecting that learning Chinese language and calligraphy would be beneficial to students in a future career.

This year’s Utah Children’s Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition had 41 different submissions from children aged 6 up to 17. Most of the children were participating in the exhibition for the first time, and each participant's individual creativity and artistic abilities were proudly put on display. The exhibition will remain at the Salt Lake City Main Library until February 24.

gallery of children's chinese calligraphy and art on display at the salt lake main library

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Last Updated: 11/2/17