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Joe Cutter Lecture

On March 9, Professor Joe Cutter from Arizona State University came to give a lecture on the University of Utah Campus.

professor joe cutter lecturing

Professor Cutter presented to the audience some of his mostrecent research on the role that food plays in medieval Chinese poetry, particularly in the poetry of Cao Zhi. The audience read along with Professor Cutter's still unpublished translations of ancient poetry, some of the poems being read by non-Chinese eyes for the first time. 

Joe Cutter discusses poetry with the audience

After the lecture, audience members eagerly asked questions about the poetry, many audience members including students from Professor Fusheng Wu's Chinese poetry class. For students of Chinese, this was an excellent opportunity for an in depth, face-to-face interaction with a prominent scholar studying Chinese language and culture. The Confucius Institute regularly hosts a variety of China-focused scholars and intellectuals to give lectures to the general public. 


Last Updated: 11/2/17