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Lehi High School Confucius Classroom Summer Camp Visits Beijing and Chengdu

May 29th through June 9th: A group of 24 students, one teacher and four parent volunteers from Lehi High School, one of the Confucius Classrooms under the Confucius Institute at the University of Utah, travelled to Beijing and Chengdu to participate in Chinese Bridge Summer Camp, sponsored by the Confucius Institute Headquarters, to promote the study of Mandarin. All the guests enjoyed camp activities that allowed them to understand China and experience Chinese culture.  

 Students pose in the airport with a Confucius Institute banner

 Preparing to set out


During their time in Beijing, students visited the Great Wall and the Forbidden City, watched an acrobatics performance, bargained at the Hongqiao Pearl Market, and practiced Chinese in a real-world setting. The students were also invited to Beijing Normal University to demonstrate a model American classroom. This allowed newly-recruited Confucius Institute teachers to experience the atmosphere of an American classroom before setting out to teach.

teachers and students interacting

Demonstrating a model classroom - teachers watch students hold a classroom discussion

A teacher stands infront of a projector screen to demonstrate a game to teachers and students

American teacher Emily demonstrates an online Chinese game

sutdents use their phones in a group

 Teachers watch American students use their cell phones to play an online study game

a line of American students sits across from a line of Chinese teachers

Teachers and students divide into groups to communicate face-to-face


In Chengdu, the students studied Chinese every morning at Sichuan University’s International Student Center. In the afternoon, they experienced the culture on the streets of the city, practiced speaking with locals, and sampled local snacks. On the weekend, students visited the Leshan Buddha, the tallest stone buddha statue in the world, and Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. During this time, they also attended a specially-arranged home-stay activity. Students stayed with different families in Chengdu and got to experience for themselves local life and culture.

 A Chinese tourguide shows the American students objects at a museum

Visiting the Sichuan University Museum

 students show off traditional paintings of a bird, flowers, and leaves

Studying Chinese painting

 American students and a Chinese host family smile while sitting around a table

Trying Sichuan cuisine during the home exchange

Lehi students pose under a large arch with "Sichuan University" written in characters 

Group photo at Sichuan University

The Lehi High School currently has more than 200 students studying Mandarin, and there is an increasing demand for Chinese culture in the community: over 2000 people attend the yearly Lehi Community Spring Festival Celebration organized by Lehi High School Confucius Classroom.

Since 2016, the Lehi High School Chinese Bridge summer campers have been assisting the new Chinese teachers training program in Beijing Normal University. This program, organized by American College Board and Hanban with the Confucius Institute Headquarters, gives classroom demonstrations that help new teachers adjust quickly to teaching in America.



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Last Updated: 11/2/17