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"Contemporary China" Seminar Makes an Impact at the University of Utah

June 26th-30th: The Confucius Institute at the University of Utah together with the College of Humanities hosted a “Contemporary China” seminar attended by a total of 28 local Chinese teachers.

In order to help local teachers understand contemporary Chinese issues and culture, and to improve their teaching quality, the Confucius Institute coordinates yearly with the College of Humanities to invite experts from the University of Utah (UU) and Brigham Young University (BYU) to lead a weekend-long seminar during the summer. 

This year’s seminar focused on China’s current society, economy, arts, literature, and foreign policy. Lecturers included Ming Wen, the chairman of Sociology Department at UU, Minqi Li, a professor of Political Science at UU, Winston Kyan, a Ph.D. in Arts and Art History at UU, and Steven Riep, an Associate Professor of Chinese Language and Comparative Literature at BYU. In addition, former American diplomat Robert D. Griffiths was invited to speak about China’s foreign policy, which impressed all the teachers.


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Last Updated: 10/4/17