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Sichuan University Art Troupe Visits St. George

As part of the Confucius Institute at the University of Utah’s (CIUU) 10th Anniversary Chinese Culture Week, the Sichuan University Art Troupe toured the state of Utah, performing in schools from the Salt Lake Valley to St. George. Sichuan University (SCU) has partnered with the University of Utah since 2007, when CIUU was established. Since then, Sichuan University has coordinated with CIUU to share Chinese culture and support chinese language education in Utah.

On September 29th, the SCU Art Troupe performed at Lava Ridge Intermediate and Snow Canyon High School in St. George, sharing their traditional dances with over 1900 students and teachers.

At Lava Ridge, two Chinese Dual Language Immersion (DLI) students were able to present the Art Troupe and give introductions in both English and Chinese.

dancers in traditional costumes perform in a school gym

The Sichuan Art Troupe performs a traditional dance

a young student speaks into a microhpone to introduce a pipa player

A DLI students introduces a performer


At Snow Canyon High School, over 1,000 local community members came together to appreciate the beautiful culture of China’s minority groups as the Art Troupe performed several folk dances, along with traditional songs on the pipa and erhu.

dancers perfom on stage

Dancers perform a folk dance


a dancer wearing a mask and cape performs in a school gym

A troupe member performs “Changing Face,” the dramatic Sichuan Opera that involves quickly switching brightly colored masks.


St. George’s Washington School District has Utah’s largest number of Chinese dual language immersion students, with approximately 2,000 participants throughout the district. Because of their strong immersion program, CIUU invited the Art Troupe to St. George to share Chinese culture with the local DLI students and the community.


You can find the originial Chinese version of this article here.

Last Updated: 11/16/17