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The University of Utah Confucius Institute Celebrate its 10th Anniversary

On the evening of October 1st, students and community members gathered in Kingsbury Hall to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the founding of the Confucius Institute at the University of Utah (CIUU) and the conclusion of Chinese Culture Week. The Sichuan University Art Troupe, visiting from CIUU’s partner university in China, performed their award-winning dances for an audience of nearly 2000.

University of Utah Vice-President Fred Esplin opened the evening by reading aloud a letter of congratulations from University President David Pershing.  In the letter, Pershing recognized CIUU’s efforts to bring Chinese culture to the University of Utah community and extended a warm welcome to the Sichuan University Art Troupe.



four people stand on stage

Fred Esplin, Fusheng Wu, and Dingzhi Fang give opening remarks


Heping Xie, the president of Sichuan University, also wrote to congratulate the CIUU on its 10th anniversary. In his letter, he praised the Institute’s efforts to build community, teach the Chinese language, and share Chinese culture both at the University of Utah and throughout the state. In 10 years, CIUU has been able to strengthen ties between American and Chinese citizens and promote mutual understanding and friendship in the state of Utah. Mr. Xie also praised Utah’s Dual Language Immersion program and the teachers who work to produce impressive results.

Professor Fusheng Wu, Director of CIUU, and Professor Dingzhi Fang, Director of SCU’s School of Overseas Education, extended congratulations to the Institute and the University, and thanked cooperating schools around the state.


dancers holding pink fans perform a dance

SCU Art Troupe performs a traditional dance

a young woman holds a pipa, a large string intstrument, on her knee

Pipa solo

a dancer dressed in a red costume shows off a colored mask

Sichuan Opera “Changing Face”


During their performance, the SCU Art Troupe dazzled the audience with folk dances, showcasing the culture of ethnic minorities in western China. In addition, an Art Troupe member performed the famous Sichuan Opera “Changing Face,” which involves quickly and dramatically switching brightly colored masks.

dancers in traditional costume on stage

Tibetan folk dance

dancers in traditional costumes on stage

Qiang Minority dance


As the performance came to a close, audience members expressed that this had been one of the most impressive displays of Chinese culture they had seen. 

We are proud of the work CIUU has been able to do in the past 10 years, and we look forward to more 


You can find the original Chinese version of this article here.

Last Updated: 11/22/17