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Tsinghua University Men’s Basketball Coach Speaks on Chinese Sports at University of Utah

On November 13, the Confucius Institute at the University of Utah hosted Qile Tian, the men’s basketball coach at Tsinghua University in Beijing, as he gave a lecture titled “Sports in China.”

Mr. Tian introduced Tsinghua’s physical education program, including the program’s establishment and requirements. In total, Tsinghua University offers 39 sports programs consisting of 47 separate teams. Similar to China’s other universities, Tsinghua requires physical education courses for its first and second year students.

Universities like Tsinghua place a high value on the health of their students, and compulsory courses like this ensure that students entering college get a healthy amount of physical activity. Some specific sports, like swimming, are even required for graduation. The college has a saying: “If you’re not able to swim, you’re not able to graduate.”

 qile tian gives his powerpoint presentation in front of an audience

Qile Tian speaks at the University of Utah


Previously, Mr. Tian served as an interpreter for the Chinese national women’s basketball team, and he was able to use his fluent English to present his lecture and answer questions from the audience.

In American universities, physical education classes are rarely compulsory, but the University of Utah has displayed interest in a program of this nature. Qile Tian’s lecture allowed the 20 audience members to further understand programs like this and their role in Chinese universities.


You can find the original Chinese version of this article here.

Last Updated: 12/12/17