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Confucius Institute Speech Contest


speech contest winners announced

The Confucius Institute at the University of Utah, in cooperation with the BYU Department of Asian and Near East Languages, held the Seventh Annual Confucius Institute Speech Competition at BYU's Chinese Language Fair on April 20. 40 middle school students from 15 different schools came to participate in the competition to demonstrate their Chinese skills and compete for cash prizes. Janet Theiss, Shin Chi Fame Kao, and Yangmin Xiao from the Confucius Institute at the University of Utah served as judges for the competition. 

The speech competition's topic was a comparison of American and Chinese cultures. Students competed in six different groups according to their level of Chinese learning, with a prize awarded to the top speaker from each group. 

This year's students were well prepared for the contest, reading notes off of cards or giving a powerpoint presentation as they spoke to judges. After each contestant's speech, the judge would quiz them on topics related to their speech. Through this annual speech contest, the Confucius Institute continues to encourage students to keep learning Chinese and to show off their skills at a fun, immersive Chinese cultural event. 


The Chinese version of this article can be viewed here.  

Last Updated: 11/2/17